casa nest

Collective housing – NEST (Nobility, Education, Stability) – is a foster home meant to nest 12 orphan children and it represents the dream of Alex Tache to reach out a helping hand to the one in need. The most important thing in the child’s development is of course nurturing love and care from a family and after that, the space they grow up in. This is the reason why we joined forces with Alex in this project to create the place that will become “a home” for 12 children. We want to offer them a harmonious family environment in which they will feel safe and loved. The classic shape of the main volume of the building emphasizes this idea of protective crib. The house is intimately integrated in the sloped terrain, while opening to the valley and lead the eye to the charming hills. The building has cca. 1000 sqm floor space with a ground projection of approximatively 300 square meters and accomodates bedrooms for the 12 kids, a separate unit for Alex’s family and a generous communal area, with a fully equipped professional kitchen. The clean contemporary design, combined with traditional façade finishes and with the reinterpreted arched porch, allow the house to integrate smoothly without standing out too much in the regional architectural landscape, The interior spaces are defined in such a way to offer the children much needed learning areas, relaxation and playground that are opening themselves up to the exterior. The bedrooms from the upper floor are generously lit by big windows that offer a panoramic view towards the beautiful nature outside and allow for the light to come in, making the spaces to become some small scenes where children can express themselves, grow and develop in true happiness and safety.

If you wish to join Alex’s initiative and to us in building this project, you can access: