Panoramic Views

The project is part of a building ensemble, consisting in two 12 storeys apartments blocks, placed in the extremities of the same plot, but sharing two underground parking floors. First one to be designed was Sisesti Skyline, so Panoramic started with the same guidelines: ample façade towards the lake, monolithic volume with cropped loggias and a grounded lower floors, covered in bricks and dark finishes.

The building contains 115 apartments, ranging from studios to four-bedroom units. Units are designed to be highly adaptable, with the possibility to make an open plan kitchen or have it separated. Our design focus was to open as much as possible the interiors towards the lake views and create interesting focal points.

As a point of difference, the high ceiling ground floor was designed as 4 separate units, as a combo between a house and a loft apartment. Each unit has outdoor individual access, a small yard, while inside, the day area benefits of an double height and the bedrooms are located in the intermediary floor.

Total floor area 15500 sqm.