SUN KISSED – House at sea, by the lake

The permanent house situated near the seaside, by the lake Siutghiol, is inspired by the materiality of the area and the lifestyle values of our clients – a young couple with two small children. They are grounded, value quality time together, and their dream house represents both their place of tranquillity as well as their place of social connection with their friends and extended family. We wanted to create an architectural object that will blend harmoniously the two aspects of the surroundings: earth and sea.

Therefore, we divided the house in two separate areas: the ground floor – massive, solid, grounded, covered in Dobogea stone, that gives the house a connection to the earth, and the upper floor – airy, white, that opens itself to the joyous sunlight. The front part of the house is quite reclusive, while the“back yard” opens towards the lake and becomes part of the interior of the house by melting the traditional limit between exterior and interior.

For this project we proposed a diffused chromatic that is intimately connected to the natural context around: greige, white, off-whites and desaturated shades of blue.

Gross floor area: 300sqm / project under construction