Urban Facade – Mixed use building

A mixed use building of G+5F, located between 3 blind walls on a 260 square meters plot in the centre of Bucharest, in a historical area. The total floor area is of 1600 square meters, having the ground floor open in order to accommodate a parking lot, while the floors are occupying the majority to the plot surface, but having two symmetrical inner courtyards in the back, in order to let the sun light into the interior space as much as possible. Due to the conditioning from the three blind walls, is only the main façade that narrates the whole volumetric story. Main façade which acts also as a catalyst within the very heterogenous architecture line of the street. That’s why we chose a very geometrical and subdued approach, that works as a connector between the old inter-war modernist villa on the left and the “contemporary” one, on its right.