AEPAM – Nursing campus

AEPAM stands for Academia Europeana Pentru Asistenti Medical – The European Nursing Academy, a new and innovative faculty that provides a 3 years bachelor degree program as a medical assistant.
Most of the learning process is practical and collaborative, students being engaged in group activities and being put in contact with the latest innovation in the medical field. This project started from an open plan area of 750 sqm, which was carefully designed taking into consideration the specifics and dynamics between four core functionalities: clinical simulation centre, study common areas, teaching rooms and offices for the academic and administrative staff. As contemporary coworking spaces, the students benefit from a fluid and open layout. The clinical simulation center was designed in the smallest details to replicate a hospital area with: an intensive/high dependency unit, 2 ward rooms, moving and handling space, an occupational health clinical room with an out pacient&blood collection area and all the adjacent spaces where students can have a real life simulation&learning experience.
The common areas are cohesive, open and structured on different levels of privacy – from a main collaborative lounge to small nooks and spaces where students can deepen their study, including a small library area. The theme is a very lively, young and vibrant one, and we assembled contemporary pieces of furniture in vivid contrasting colors and diverse textures.
As for the teaching halls, the key aspect we kept throughout the whole design process was focus. Spaces that enhance focus and help minds to quiet down so as to better integrate information. Therefore a reduced color palette was applied, decor kept to the minimum while light and seating carefully chosen to assure a comfortable alertness state.