Regina Maria – Blissful elegance

The project consists in the refurbishment of an existing hospital structure and the extension of the current space into another area of same building. The area covered by the new hospital space spreads to cca. 7500 sqm, layered on 6 floors, including the basement.
The key challenge was to accommodate new functionalities and allow more space for the existing ones, without disrupting the ongoing processes. Therefore, a space planning was developed for the whole building, exploring various routes to meet the healthcare regulations, business objectives and customer experience when interacting with the space (either patient or medical staff).

The brief was straightforward: create a space that will convey Regina Maria`s values and personality. Care, professionalism, elegance, up-to-date services and reliability.

The design encourages a sense of openness and well-being with facilities and details more comparable to a SPA /hotel rather than a traditional hospital. Our intention for the customers, is to have an “angst free” experience, to dilute the emotions related to clinical interactions. That’s why the colour palette is an airy mix of sage and soft pinks, with white present only as accent. Studies of environmental psychology show that desaturated colors, especially greens (sage or eucalyptus shades) have a deep relaxing and restoring power. Also, having a very low dose of contrast between colors or materials helps the healing process by reducing the inner tension. Keeping in mind the subtle elegance and refinement of Regina Maria brand (conveyed by sleek geometries, arches as key visuals, brass and onyx), we also injected nature related elements into the design narrative (plywood, botanical prints), in order to highlight the calm and regenerative aspect of the space.

Throughout the building, there is an emphasis on light: either natural, softened by the fabric shades or, in most cases artificial, which was carefully designed in order to mix harmoniously two functions: work-light and “wind down” light. So, except surgery rooms and other “high alertness spaces” we have chosen a medium temperature light, disposed in order to blur contrasting geometries and minimize dramatic effect of shades.

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that a well-designed hospital environment can reduce recovery times and contribute to better outcomes for patients, while providing a more attractive workplace for medical staff – and that is the criterion we kept returning throuought the design process.

This idea of the best patient experience possible was carried through the whole members of the multidisciplinary design team.

Architecture and interior design: Radu Dumencu, Andreea Constantin, Alina Vilcu
Engineering and structural design: Cristian Ceausescu / Triplus Proiect
Design of electrical, sanitary, HVAC, fire safety: Capitalnet