VPM – where day melts into night

“FivePM is dedicated to creating a collection of evening clothes with an edge, easily morphable from day to night, inspired by the aesthetics of today”. As a brand statement, this inspired us to morph an area of an interbelic villa into a contemporary showroom. It was the design of the clothing pieces that led us throughout the process: assembling elements form apparent dissonant stilistic realms into a coherent and harmonious whole. We intended a subtle tension between new and old, chic and effortless, evening and day, glam and casual. We took advantage of the voluminous room and created a “room in a room” structure, which main role is to display the products, but also to add some art deco drama into a rather ethereal ambiance. The old conservatory was revamped and the effect maximized by the two mirrors placed in the opposite arches. The central room acts like an articulation between the three main display areas and is left on purpose with minimal decor and low furniture pieces, in order to create a sense of openness.