Creative Improv – Interior Design for Jam Session

A super location for a super ad agency. Downtown Bucharest, close to the most iconic buildings (as Național Art Museum and the Romanian Atheneum), having the privilege of the top floor and a roof terrace which overviews the urban skyline, is a 800sqm area which nurtures the creativity of very young and talented crowd.
The agency went recently through a rebranding process, and the new visual identity was our starting point. A combination of simple geometries, Bauhaus inspired, which create a very stimulating ensemble. That was the recurring theme that servers as a structural foundation for the space narrative.

The space is divided into two floors having distinct functionalities – the 7th floor is office space, while the 9th floor accommodates the cafeteria, which is intended to be a disruptive and artsy realm.

The office space were designed in mind with the idea calm and relaxation, since this is the mind state where the “craziest” ideas are born. We wanted to compose a rather neutral canvas, that will stimulate ideas searching, rather than ideas promoting. Earthy colors, raw textures and a well balanced light scheme are the main ingredients for this soup, white black and white accents are the salt and pepper. As a core value of the company culture, collaboration is highlighted throughout the space by its openers, transparency and moreover around the ample comunal tables, which are the main occupants of the open floor. The tables were custom designed, combining a raw wooden top with solid legs exposing a special designed graphic. Some elements of the brand identity we deconstructed and reconstructed for the wood and glass partitions, and than carried the upper floor, in the cafeteria.

Cafeteria was a symbiotic colab between a well known and uber talented artist ( and our design team, who set the intention in terms of color scheme and overall assemblage. The approach here is to shake all preconditioning, reset the mind and prepare the ground for new ideas to blossom. On a more practical level, the space needed to accommodate different types of activities, from lunches, to informal meeting, piano lessons, loud parties or music improv.

We turned upside down all the “issues” of this former technical space, expressing honestly all the space flaws – narrow dimensions (especially between ample pillars and the glass facade) and misalignments, making it dynamic and full of flair and pizzaz.