light comes first

The creative concept and all related design decisions (from space planning to choosing the texture of the curtains or bath accessories) were inspired by the core values of our clients: structure, simplicity, friendship and openness. The couple along with their 2 young boys of 10 and 8 years old were already living in this apartment as they bought it several years ago, all set up with furniture and decorations. Their desire to change the functionality of spaces and redecorate them was determined by their need to feel “at home”, turning their house in a place which can tell their life story, manifest their values, aspirations and match their dynamic as a family.

Therefore we came with the solution of remodelling the existing spaces that would bring an open kitchen in the day area and a hidden, close-kitchen by a filomuro door (with a specific utilitarian role), then a small office space next to the entryway and last but not least: expand the entrance hall in order to accommodate more hidden storage and give a more welcoming feeling.

Also, small adjustments were brought to the wall so that they would allow recessed cabinets and wardrobes everywhere was possible.

The style approached is based on simplicity, so all the materials and the chromatic scheme have been reduced to essential: wood, exposed concrete and neutral greyish shades.

The master bedroom has a monochrome colour palette of grey-blue so that it defines a profound space that helps one to relax. The children’s bedrooms have been designed with “timelessness“ in mind, without a strict theme, that would suit a certain age or another, and with as little decorations and objects that would contribute to an internal psychological “clutter”. The bathrooms are more daring in the terms of finishes and colours, the approach being to treat them as scenographic spaces in which the eyes can have a certain degree of stimulation.

The entrance hall is emblematic, representing the space that offers you a first “welcome”, therefore the wall with the two filomuro doors covered in wallpaper comes with a graphic that has a special meaning for the family.

For the day area we took the decision to let the light be the leading actor, defining the spatial geometry of the area as this part of the apartment is facing south. Therefore all the present volumes of the room are reduced to minimum, with structured shapes that take a life of their own when the light comes in.