off cliché – Post production studio

Interior design for a video post-production studio, occupying two open space floors (400sqm) in a mixed use building. The brief was to start from scratch and make a space planning that will accommodate editing and colorising rooms, an audio studio and generous lounge areas and hallways that will allow large teams to wait before entering the presentation rooms.

Stylewise, we got inspired by the way the building looked at the moment we first visited the site: bare reinforced concrete pillars, beams, and slabs and few brick walls. We have then decided to leave as much as possible the raw materials exposed, but in the meantime we wanted to avoid a cliché industrial look. So, we honestly expressed plumbing fixtures and concrete, while balancing them with glam finishes and objects. As for the structural brick walls, they were painted with off white shade, leaving the texture of the bricks to vibrate the space and tell a story about how the building was erected.

Apart the space planning and the electrical and HVAC coordination that were very rigorously planned ahead, the rest of the design process was a very organic one, where every decision was taken not by drawing it ahead, but by site visits, step by step. Our intention was to get rid of all clichés that comes with an interior design project.