A house is turning into a home when the walls, floors, ceilings, lights, furniture and all the smallest details are fused together to tell the story of the people living in it. A story about their hopes, their belief system, what makes their hearts melt or thrill. Here, we were asked to narrate a story about calmness, new beginnings, solid connections between family members, comfort and daily routines that enrich one’s life. We expressed this into a space that is cohesive, grounded, informal and very structured. There is creative tension between traditional elements (brick, arches, fireplace) and contemporary / future oriented ones (microtopping surfaces, lean and clean built in furniture or geometric room dividers) and we exploited it to bring visual stimulation into the space. Color palette combines earthy tones and most of the finishings are assembled into it with their raw appearance. The initial planimetry was altered according to the client’s specifics and a new layout was proposed, without major interventions.

Surface – 200sqm

Visualizations: Andreea Constantin, status: construction in progress.