Potato Head.

or The arty-party of Bali

As dull as the name may sound like, the extra-ordinary the place is. If one would go for a design and architecture pilgrimage in Bali, Potato Head should be the first and most important stop. For me it was THE discovery of this vacation.

Potato Head belongs to an art collector and is designed profoundly stylish, dramatic on outside and sooo Mad Men on the inside. This is a versatile venue, since it hosts a restaurant, an art gallery, a shop, a beach club and a night club.

The whole thing is designed like a round shell that opens toward the ocean. The exterior is covered with vintage window shutters, creating a super special feel, while the inside is a wide-open space with several bars, a stage and swimming pools just meters from the sand. As for the versatility mentioned before, it also hosts film festivals and a regular organic food market.

What I liked the most regarding this place was the surprise and soft tension created by the exterior look and the entrance.

The inside reveals itself as slick and clean, totally opposite from the opulence that one would expect in the most hip place to hang around in Bali. 50’s details – furniture, railings and lights are totally delivering a discreet and elegant feeling. Actually, the furniture is from the owner’s collection of 1950’s Scandinavian and Indonesian furniture, which makes the interior so thematic. And we love it!



Somehow, Potato Head continues naturally what entire Bali stands for: perfection in aesthetics, sublime design and food. The main reasons I returned after 3 years.

So inspiring!