Am descoperit Black Milk. Sau mai bine zis mi s-a descoperit de către o prietenă. Am intrat, am cumpărat şi m-am felicitat. Este un exemplu de design fascinant în care printurile creative fac din obiecte vestimentare neutre  piese cheie.

Vă citez mai jos răspunsul primit pe mail în urma cumpărării, mai pun şi o poză cu colanţii şi vă întreb “how cool is that”?

 “Hi Alina,

 Good news – we got your order!

Thank you so much for shopping at Black Milk Clothing!

The fact that you have done this says a lot about you. First, it says that you are awesome. Second, it says that you like tight stretchy clothing… which also makes you awesome. And you know what that means – DOUBLE AWESOME!

You’re practically a unicorn at this point. You sweat holy water and stink of rainbows. Any more awesome and you will be shooting lasers from your eyes.

That’s the good news.

The less than good news is that there are a large number of others who share your awesomeness. These peeps have been shopping like hot little bosses and despite our near super human powers at BMHQ, we can only put clothes in envelopes so fast. After a collection launch there is an obscene amount of clothing that needs to go out.

Predictably, the Hot Little Bosses Collection went crazy.

“How crazy?!” I hear you ask… well, let me tell you:

Imagine a posse of chipmunks who are at a chipmunk rave and they’re dancing around, waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care. And then in the middle of their frenzied chipmunk dancing, they fall into a vat of Red Bull and have to drink it all to prevent themselves drowning. Unfortunately, after performing this amazing feat they are so bloated that they bounce around like big hairy bubbles, excreting massive amounts of taurine from their pores, while their eyeballs spin around in their heads in a surreal blur of caffeine induced madness.

And then they go party with Charlie Sheen.

That crazy, peeps!!!

So, there might be a slightly longer than usual wait on your order. Sorry, but we promise that we’ll do our best to get it out to you as soon as possible. And we’ll send you an email when your order is on it’s way.

Cool? :)”

Cool da.